Sunday, September 13, 2020

Change Of Course

It has been a full month since I've posted a blog post. There also hasn’t been a newsletter in a hot minute, but despite my absence, I am alive and well. I hope everyone reading this can say the same, if not, I'm sending some positive vibes your way.

It has been a long weekend, but I saw some family I haven’t seen in eons which is a wonderful thing despite the reason why my family got together this weekend. We were missing a few members of the family, but all 10 of my grandpa's kids were there to give him a proper send off. I'm sure my grandma has some words for him since he had 2 girlfriends after her, but I'm sure he'll get back into her good graces.

I’ll get to the point of this post here in a minute, but being around my family, immediate and extended, is wild. A lot of my family hasn’t seen me since I transitioned so there is a lot of “who are you?” and “who do you belong to?" and you know, I’ve got to give props to my mom for how she handles it. She tells them I’m her oldest son and leaves it for the person to figure out. The woman runs hot and cold with the trans thing so it’s hard to see how it goes, but this weekend she was alright. She still sucks at the pronoun thing though.

All right, time for the reason that I’m here. 

For my Last Pureblood readers and those waiting for book two, I have nothing but tremendous love for you all, so this announcement is rather disheartening to make, but it's necessary. As we all know, I’ve spent the last year and some change, maybe longer, working on Fate Unseen. I approached it like I did all my usual writing projects, but for some reason getting through this editing process has been a challenge for me. Typically writing a book is like dominoes for me, and it's one process after another until the book is out,but this one it’s not happening. I refuse to blame 2020 for this because that would be giving this year too much power when it already has enough to light up a metropolitan city.

I think because I've been so focused on it, I've burned myself out with the story, which seems to jibe. I’ve been able to work on Adventures of Swift with no issue. With all that being said, I will be stepping back from Fate Unseen and it’s not going to be released this year. Trust me, I spent a lot of time thinking about this, and I even talked to my therapist about it. She told me to step away from it before making any big decisions like re-writing it.

I’ll probably return to it at the end of the year, or the beginning of next year. The reason for the long break is because I'm going to be involved with a project at work and it’s going to require more time from me, then once I’m finished with that, I’ll be training for a new position. So for the next five or six months all of my concentration is going to be centered on life things. I’m hoping once I return to it, I can bang out this round of editing and get it to my editor for a second review. Another thing I’m looking at is length. The word count for Fate Unseen is getting up there. To alleviate fears I’m not going to do another sudden cliffhanger or split the book up, but it’s something I’m going to be thinking about it when I get back into it.

I would like to stress that I am not abandoning the series or anything like that. I just need a breather. 

Even though I am taking a break from Fate Unseen it doesn’t mean I’m not going to be writing. In fact I’ve gotten through several episodes of my serial of Adventures of Swift, and I’m hoping to have episodes two and three up in October. I’m also going to finish outlining my next book and throw some ideas on the wall for book two of the Detective Miller series. I have two Murderous Interludes ready to be typed up so I might post those on my patreon as well.

An FYI, Adventures of Swift is a patreon and gumroad exclusive, and Murderous Interludes will only   be available on patreon. Since I know some people are going to ask, I’ll answer this question now. Murderous Interludes will not contain major plot points. They’re just slice of life short stories that add more depth to Eliza and Dax’s budding relationship, so you can skip them. Will they be mentioned in the other books? Yeah, but just in passing.

Adventures of Swift episodes will be available be on gumroad in a trailing fashion after they've been released on patreon. Probably a month after.

Though it'll be nice to focus on something new, Fate Unseen won’t be far from my mind. It's like an annoying gnat flying around my head until I get it released.

Anyways, that's all I have for the moment. Outside of that, remember to review the books you read and register to vote. Like for serious on that one. I cannot deal with four more years of the Orange Stain™. 

Until next time...

-DJ Small