Friday, November 6, 2020

Let's Get Ready To Rumble.....

Hopefully by the time I have posted this the US will have figured out who their president is. I'm sure the number of people that voted for the Orange Stain™ will get swept under the rug and people will proclaim this country has risen like a phoenix from the ash, but minorities like myself will realize that it will be nothing but a crock of shit. I've become bitter about this country, and I would apologize, but why?

All right onto why I'm here—announcements all around! I finished The Adventures of Swift this week. Like actually finished writing it, and not that kind of finish where you still have like two more pages to write, but you say you're done because it's just two pages. No one else does this? Just me? Of course. It came out to 48k words, and hopefully by the time editing is done, it'll be at the 50-55k mark. Each episode doesn't go more than 10k words, and you would think that would cheat the story, but not really. I actually have a little wiggle room in some episodes to give the story some more depth.

I'm going to start editing The Adventures of Swift this weekend, and I think we're still on track for having episodes one and two released during the first quarter of 2021. I've made the decision to make this a Gumroad exclusive. It makes no sense to have people sign up for a subscription for something that honestly doesn't have a schedule. Well it does but it's a real loose one. Like a floozy. I ❤ floozies. In fact, I think all my serials are going to be Gumroad exclusives and I'm going to shut down my Patreon. Again, it just makes no sense for me to have one. I'm going to sit down and explore Gumroad a bit more before coming to a final decision which I should have by the end of next month. I've got other things to focus on.

I inadvertently started writing the second Detective Miller book. I finished reviewing the first one for paperback and it sort of just happened. Murderous Profession got some good traction while it was in the Kindle Unlimited program, and free book day was a hit. For those who are anxious to know, book two starts off three months after book one ends, so Dax and Eliza have been seeing each other for like four and a half months. Dax is preparing to open his own sex firm and Eliza is still trying to make waves in the NYPD. Of course a murder happens, and it's going to test Dax and Eliza's relationship, but so are some other things. We're going to meet some more people from Dax's life, and we're going to dig a little deeper into Eliza's life. I only scratched the surface with her in the first book because that wasn't the focus, but I think it's time we get to know a little more about Detective Legs, right?

Murderous Profession will be a part of the small run of signed books that I will be sending out in January. I'm actually updating the file right now. The polls I conducted in my newsletter and on Twitter we're all favorable, so I'm going to put up an order form on Gumroad, and people can order their signed copies. This will only be for my continental US readers. International peeps I might be able to set something up, but it would have to be like a custom order deal so we can split the shipping costs. Each book will be limited to 10 orders. Anything over will be wait listed, and I'll do a second batch based off of how many people request a book after the initial run. Newsletter subscribers will be notified first of when the order form will be live, and a tweet will go out a couple hours later. This is where I will shamelessly plug my newsletter because if you sign up, you get notified sooner. Click here to sign-up.

For my Last Pureblood readers, Fate Unseen has been moved to a 2021 project. It was too much for me this year. I'm hoping when January rolls around I'll be ready to dive into it and make some serious headway with it.

I'm not sure what else is going on with 2021. I've outlined a couple of stories for a new series that I'm coming up with. This will more than likely be another Gumroad exclusive because I don't think they're going to be long stories. I know I have a stand alone book that's partly outlined that I can work on. I also have my dark and twisted story, but due to that nature of it, it might end up being another Gumroad exclusive. It's kind of messed up lol. It's a bit of a crap shoot. 

I think 2021 will be the year of Swift, Detective Miller book 2, and Fate Unseen. I'm just looking forward to a year of just writing and focusing on my serials. We shall see.

All right folks, that's all I have enjoy your weekend 🙂

Saturday, October 3, 2020

I'm An Idiot

The heading of this post doesn't pertain to all of it, but I just realized something. I have my blog set up on the RSS feeds of my Amazon author and Goodreads pages. Why am I an idiot? Because I don't fcking post. All these people could be coming to the blog and all this jazz, but why come if I haven't posted since Obama was in office ( I miss him.). Any ways, I'm going to set up a schedule and blog more frequently. 

If you haven't read my prior post, Fate Unseen, the second book in The Last Pureblood series has been put on hold. I need to reevaluate my approach with it, or I need to do something differently. I won't go into it, but in my last post, everything has been explained. I'm hoping when I go back to it with fresh eyes the problem will jump out at me and I can fix it. We shall see.

In the meantime, I have been working on The Adventures of Swift, which is exclusively available on my Patreon page and Gumroad. I'm up to episode 11, and I've complied all the episodes into one document for editing. I say look for an updated chapter 1, and chapter 2 around the end of January or February. I've also begun developing a novella series centered around the world of professional women's football. How this happened I'm not 100% certain, but I'm sure boredom while being around my football watching family led to this. Anyways, it's just in development, but I'm excited to start working on it.

Oh, I've also continued my review of the physical copy of Murderous Profession. When I tried to put all my focus in Fate Unseen, everything else went to the wayside and this was one of those things. I'm going to be working on that over the next week or so. If I decide to do a small batch run of signed books, it will be a part of that.

Speaking of, I did a poll on Twitter asking if I should do a small batch run of signed books and all 5 participants said yes. I'm going to do another poll in my October newsletter to try and get a better read. If you're interested, sign-up for my newsletter, and you'll get it when I send out the October one on the 11th.

I did an author-y thing this week. Fellow lesfic author, KD Williamson, has a YouTube channel where she and other lesfic authors talk about their work and a variety of other subjects, including rating hot sauces. She had me on her channel this week, and it was a wicked good time! It was my first time doing something like this, and if I had PR people they'd be like, "We think you did good, but could your ass sit still next time?" My sauce was Marie Sharp's Pure Mango Habanero Pepper Sauce. It's a milder sauce because I am not one for anything spicy. I live my life at a 2. But other than discussing hot sauces, we talked about being queer and black, me being a trans man who writes lesfic, and a bunch of other things. If you want to take a look it's below.

Two more things then I will be done. First thing is, after being out for 4 years, I have made Pool of Lies 99¢ on all platforms it's available on. I'm not sure if this has expanded to Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and other platforms the book is distributed to thanks to Smashwords, but I know on Smashwords, it's 99¢. 

Lastly, Murderous Profession will be a part of Kindle Unlimited until the end of October, and is on sale for 99¢ until the end of the month. There will be a surprise free day on Amazon for Murderous Profession. How will you know when it is? Twitter and my newsletter. Newsletter subscribers will know the day before and the day of. 

All right, I actually didn't do too bad for this post. A reminder has been scheduled for 2 weeks from now to post again.

Remember to review the books you read, especially those written and published by indie and self-published authors. And please, please, please, PLEASE! Make sure you're registered to vote and remember to vote, if not early, then on November 3rd. It is crucial. Check your voter registration here. I also implore those who live in states where voter suppression is quite obvious to keep checking your voter registration frequently because things have happened.

Also thank you to the witches and Karma for the miracle you performed 😉

Until next time....

-DJ Small

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Change Of Course

It has been a full month since I've posted a blog post. There also hasn’t been a newsletter in a hot minute, but despite my absence, I am alive and well. I hope everyone reading this can say the same, if not, I'm sending some positive vibes your way.

It has been a long weekend, but I saw some family I haven’t seen in eons which is a wonderful thing despite the reason why my family got together this weekend. We were missing a few members of the family, but all 10 of my grandpa's kids were there to give him a proper send off. I'm sure my grandma has some words for him since he had 2 girlfriends after her, but I'm sure he'll get back into her good graces.

I’ll get to the point of this post here in a minute, but being around my family, immediate and extended, is wild. A lot of my family hasn’t seen me since I transitioned so there is a lot of “who are you?” and “who do you belong to?" and you know, I’ve got to give props to my mom for how she handles it. She tells them I’m her oldest son and leaves it for the person to figure out. The woman runs hot and cold with the trans thing so it’s hard to see how it goes, but this weekend she was alright. She still sucks at the pronoun thing though.

All right, time for the reason that I’m here. 

For my Last Pureblood readers and those waiting for book two, I have nothing but tremendous love for you all, so this announcement is rather disheartening to make, but it's necessary. As we all know, I’ve spent the last year and some change, maybe longer, working on Fate Unseen. I approached it like I did all my usual writing projects, but for some reason getting through this editing process has been a challenge for me. Typically writing a book is like dominoes for me, and it's one process after another until the book is out,but this one it’s not happening. I refuse to blame 2020 for this because that would be giving this year too much power when it already has enough to light up a metropolitan city.

I think because I've been so focused on it, I've burned myself out with the story, which seems to jibe. I’ve been able to work on Adventures of Swift with no issue. With all that being said, I will be stepping back from Fate Unseen and it’s not going to be released this year. Trust me, I spent a lot of time thinking about this, and I even talked to my therapist about it. She told me to step away from it before making any big decisions like re-writing it.

I’ll probably return to it at the end of the year, or the beginning of next year. The reason for the long break is because I'm going to be involved with a project at work and it’s going to require more time from me, then once I’m finished with that, I’ll be training for a new position. So for the next five or six months all of my concentration is going to be centered on life things. I’m hoping once I return to it, I can bang out this round of editing and get it to my editor for a second review. Another thing I’m looking at is length. The word count for Fate Unseen is getting up there. To alleviate fears I’m not going to do another sudden cliffhanger or split the book up, but it’s something I’m going to be thinking about it when I get back into it.

I would like to stress that I am not abandoning the series or anything like that. I just need a breather. 

Even though I am taking a break from Fate Unseen it doesn’t mean I’m not going to be writing. In fact I’ve gotten through several episodes of my serial of Adventures of Swift, and I’m hoping to have episodes two and three up in October. I’m also going to finish outlining my next book and throw some ideas on the wall for book two of the Detective Miller series. I have two Murderous Interludes ready to be typed up so I might post those on my patreon as well.

An FYI, Adventures of Swift is a patreon and gumroad exclusive, and Murderous Interludes will only   be available on patreon. Since I know some people are going to ask, I’ll answer this question now. Murderous Interludes will not contain major plot points. They’re just slice of life short stories that add more depth to Eliza and Dax’s budding relationship, so you can skip them. Will they be mentioned in the other books? Yeah, but just in passing.

Adventures of Swift episodes will be available be on gumroad in a trailing fashion after they've been released on patreon. Probably a month after.

Though it'll be nice to focus on something new, Fate Unseen won’t be far from my mind. It's like an annoying gnat flying around my head until I get it released.

Anyways, that's all I have for the moment. Outside of that, remember to review the books you read and register to vote. Like for serious on that one. I cannot deal with four more years of the Orange Stain™. 

Until next time...

-DJ Small

Friday, July 17, 2020

June Got Away From Me

I was supposed to put up a true update on what I'm doing at the end of June, but then I quit being a human. Shout out to my depression and feeling 100% like crap for that one. I'm trying to work through it with my therapist so I can get back to something that look like a functional person, but it currently remains to be elusive.

Onto what you actually came here ramblings!

Fate Unseen....Fate Unseesn...FATE UNSEEN! It's like Bloody Mary. Say it three times and it'll pop out of nowhere, or so I wished. Still editing it. My editing has been reduced to fits of trying to get it done because I have lost all motivation for it, so I'm doing what I can. What does that mean for the book coming out this year? A miracle. That's it. If I manage to publish it before the end of this year it will definitely be a miracle and I'm gonna have me some peach Jim Beam and tea to celebrate.

My struggle with editing has nothing to do with the story itself because once I'm in it, I'm in it and I'm engaged. The story is still wonderful, but with me being off kilter mentally, it really messes with my ability to focus. So again, the story is not shit. Or I don't think it's shit.

I've been outlining my next book and working on Adventures of Swift when I haven't been editing. Both of these projects are fun and light so they're a form of escapism for me on top of the fanfiction that I've read a million times...anyways...

The new book's working title is called "The Plumber's Daughter." A cute small-town romance about a former investigative journalist by the name of Carolyn Knox who buys a house in a small country town in Virginia as an attempt to escape the evil clutches of Washington D.C. The house of course needs a little love, and when her side lawn gets a sudden toxic pond thanks to her septic tank; she calls the local plumber, Tyler Meade. However, the person who ends up knocking on Carolyn's door is his daughter, Tyshell a.ka. Ty.

This story is going to be nothing but cuteness with a low level of tension. I'm refuse to even call it angst because I'm trying to minimize the angst. If you want angst go read Pool of Lies or Reappearance of Summer.

As for Adventures of Swift, I finished episode five and I'm writing episode 6. I may do a surprise drop on Patreon and post episode 2 since I can't work on what I need to. I fleshed out episode five wonderfully though last week, and I'm in love with the lore I've created for it. This means I'm anxious to share it with the world Squee. I'm also enjoying the fact that I'm keeping to my 10k words or less for each episode.

Oh, I completely forgot! There is a sale happening on Smashwords, and all my books are 50% off until the end of the month, and each week one of them is going to be free. This week it is Avery Lawson: The Last Pureblood. You call can acquire that one while I beat myself over the head and try to finish editing Fate Unseen.

Last thing I have is, put a poll in my July newsletter asking my readers which of my books they would like to see on Kindle Unlimited beginning August. I really don't like the Kindle Unlimited program because it means Amazon gets exclusivity for 3 months, but I'm willing to compromise by enrolling one book at a time in the progam. If you've been anxious to read one of my books and are a part of the KU program, click here to vote. A new window will open, taking you to the July newsletter where you can cast your vote.

I'll count up all the votes on July 31st, so anything that comes in after 12:00AM (EST) on July 30th, will not be counted for. And the book that gets the most votes will be announced on 8/1.

Heyyy, I think this was a decent sized post. I'm going to wrestle my brain and get something done, don't know what, but something. Remember to review the books you've read especially those written by indie and self-published authors. Side note: If you're reviewing my books, please leave a review on Smashwords. No one reviews there, and yeah, sure, Amazon is king, but I prefer Smashwords over them.

Until next time....

-DJ Small

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Time To Get Political

Today's post is going to be a little different, and I'll try to be objective as possible and handle the subject matter with tact, but everything I'm about to discuss is personal to me, so I might get emotional. I'll give a quick update on my work at the end, but I think at this time we all need to have a moment of reflection and decide how the US will move forward as a country.

I am a black, trans, queer man (I relate more to genderqueer, but in binary terms I'll choose man) living in the US. When I made the conscious decision to transition to my true self ten years ago I knew that I would instantly have a target on my back the more masculine my appearance became due to the color of my skin. I sort of already had one since my appearance pre-transition was masculine leaning androgynous. However, my mental health and overall happiness required that I transitioned, and those feelings and emotions outweighed the fear of the inherent racism that is laced in American society.

I have been lucky because my appearance is non-threatening. I'm a short twig who doesn't cast an imposing shadow and I'm a pretty happy looking person for the most part, but when I see a white woman on the street, and if we make eye contact, I make sure to smile to let her know that I won't cause her any harm. Typically when I'm out and about, I don't make eye contact with anyone, and if I'm in a parking lot or walking down the street I make sure I am a million miles away from a white person or I walk quickly by them so they don't think I have bad intentions towards them. White men I don't even make eye contact with. Again, I'm a smol twig. I ain't about to get my ass kicked.

But do you see the trend here? I am constantly having to make conscious decisions to accommodate white people and their perceptions about me when I shouldn't have to. White people have stood inches behind me in line at the store to where I could feel their body heat. Like why are you that close?! I get certain looks from white people in stores when they think I don't belong in certain spaces. The point I'm getting at here, is that I'm forced to have these types of people take up space in my brain when they think very little about me.

I live like this because I'm trying to avoid a confrontational situation that could possibly escalate to the police being called. Also I hate confrontation in general. Again, I have been lucky enough to have very few interactions with police and have personally dealt with them twice in my life. Once was pre-transition and the other was three years into my transition. First interaction I was drunk as all hell and singing Kelly Clarkson out of the my friend's car window and we got pulled over. I was 19 and in a college town. But like even completely inebriated I was compliant, and some where in my drunken mind I knew I could go to jail because of how I looked. Luckily, I didn't probably because I was around a gang of white people.

Second time, was in 2013, got pulled over for speeding in a construction zone on the highway. I'm surprised I didn't suffer an anxiety attack. My mind immediately went to, "Am I going survive this?" Because of a routine traffic stop. For the most part I am a law abiding citizen and I don't have a criminal record, so when someone like me immediately jumps to such an extreme line of thinking what does that say about the society we live in? I'm pretty certain the cop probably saw how afraid I was by the whole interaction. I got a ticket, and I had planned to go to court to contest it, but I had a death in the family and ended up paying it.

Like even thinking about contesting the ticket in court made me apprehensive because I was pretty certain it wouldn't go my way because of the whole me being a black man thing. With each of these interactions with the police, I made myself small and became compliant to avoid something that would have me in jail or dead. A person shouldn't have to do that when interacting with a segment of the community that has sworn to protect and serve.

With all that being said, black men matter. Black women matter. Black queer people matter. Black trans people matter. BLACK LIVES MATTER. My existence is political on so many levels because other people have decided that aspects about me, which I have no control over, should be political. I support the protests and commend those going out there and fighting the good fight as well as those who are supporting the protestors by donating to bail funds and other non-profit organizations. I also applaud those that are opening their homes to protestors or providing them water or food. This is going to be a long and arduous fight because 200+ years of systemic racism is that ingrained in US society.

And if any of what I said has offended you, why? Take a look inside of yourself and find out why I, a black, trans, masculine presenting person, is a threat to you. I doubt you will.

I am a realist, but I do hope some dramatic and drastic changes are made to the very fabric of our society.

Okay so, after that food for thought, here is a quick update.

Fate Unseen is in round four of editing, and it is going. With all that has been going on around the world it's hard to focus on it because I want to stay up to date and informed, but I'm getting there thanks to an app called  Freedom. Blocks apps and websites on both my laptop and phone, so if I'm tempted I can't do anything and all I can work on is editing. Unless I leave my desk. That's a different story lol.

I'll come back with a better update but I wanted to voice my thoughts on what was going on with the world.

Here are a list of pro-black org and legal funds I would like everyone to consider donating to

There are so many more, and if you have something I didn't mention, drop a link in the comments so we can know about. This is a movement, not a moment, and we all need to do what we can to make some serious reforms to our country.

Until next time...

DJ Small

Friday, May 1, 2020

3rd Time Is A Charm

Oh, man, trying to write a blog post has been a challenging thing for me this month. Hopefully this round will stick. I hope we're all doing okay and keeping safe out there. I know some states are opening up, and I hope those of you that are affected by that are doing the best you can to keep yourselves and your inner circle healthy and minimize your exposure. I'm not going to say anything further because if I do, it's not going to be nice and next thing I know the NSA is coming to me saying, "We just wanna talk to you."

In the last iteration of this post, I had no updates. That all changed on Monday. Fate Unseen was returned to me after being in my editor's very capable hands. Let's give a shout out to my editor who has worked tirelessly to get this back to me in a timely fashion despite everything going on personally and pandemically. She is a wonderful lady.

Now the ball is back in my court. Normally when my editor sends a manuscript back to me, I'm anxious to read her notes and comments, but lately I have been dreading getting Fate Unseen back, so when I got the email that she was done with it, I groaned a little. I still need to go through the doc and read her comments and notes. With that being said, May 4th begins the marathon sessions of me trying to get this thing knocked out. I've got my notes from my beta readers and editor, and I'm ready to clean this story up a bit more.

Fate Unseen will be hitting your eReaders/Kindles/tablets/phones this year, but when that will be exactly is up in the air. In fact, it's so up in the air that it's in the stratosphere. I honestly thought about shelving this project because of my feelings towards it, but I'm going to push through because it's not like I'm writing a whole new story. It's just editing, and I'm always whining about editing. So look forward to that.

I also have another piece of news. I've edited the first episode of Adventures of Swift, and by the time this posts, it'll probably be up. I'm taking a fanfic approach with this, which is edit it and post. The edits are a one time, maybe twice, edit by me. Depending on how the first episode is received, I'll see how I feel about posting the second episode. This is going to be posted on my Patreon, so the first episode will be free, but the ones after that, you'll have to subscribe to access. $1 gets you access to everything because I'm still working on things for the Patreon.

I had a Smashwords sale in April, and I thought all my books were on sale for 99¢, but that wasn't the case. Murderous Profession wasn't on sale, so during the month of May I'll be giving it way via BookFunnel promo. I'm trying to engage my readers more and I figured a giveaway would be the best way to do that. I'm also working on getting a paperback version of this book up. Should have happened a while ago, but man was motivation shit.

All right, I think that's all I have for an update. Thank you to everyone that has supported indie and self-published authors as well as independent bookstores during these "uncertain times" (I put that in quotes because it has become nothing but a marketing ploy). You're supporting a lot of people who are struggling right now and it means a lot. Even more so when you review books because it gets me and others authors exposed to other readers. Especially us queer writers who don't have a big readership. So thank you for that.

All right, I'm going to go open this Fate Unseen doc and see what mysteries await me. Stay safe, be vigilant, and I'm sending nothing but positive vibes to each and every one of you.

Until next time....

-DJ Small

Sunday, March 22, 2020

How We All Doing?

The world is a little crazy right now, and times are super hectic, but I hope everyone that is reading this is doing their part and doing what they can to make sure we keep our fellow humans healthy and safe.

Because of the Covid-19, I'm now working from home, and I'm glad that decision was finally made Tuesday of last week. The weeks prior to that, when everything was really snowballing, all the uncertainty had me anxious. Now I can do my work without the anxiety and uncertainty.

As for my other work, my work of bringing you fine folks entertaining stories, I'm going to get episode one of Adventures of Swift up this week on my Patreon. It was supposed to be up on Saturday, but I decided to visit my sister and get the 411 on my older family members to make sure they're being isolated and taken care of. My grandpa is 90-something. This isn't how he's supposed to go out.

I'm still working on finishing the second half of season one for Adventures of Swift, but I'm hoping episode 2 will be ready for posting on April 11th, and the subsequent episodes will post every two weeks after that.

A paperback edition of Murderous Profession is on its way. I got my proof on Friday, and I'll be going through it this week as my bedtime reading to see what I needs to be fixed and get ideas for the one-shots that will be posted on my Patreon for it. I'm not sure when that will be live, but it will go up as soon as I'm satisfied with it.

Fate Unseen has gotten good feedback from my beta readers, but the consensus is that it's a long story with a lot of information, so once I get my editor's edits back we'll see what I can do with it. I'm hoping a mental breakdown does not occur, and that I don't put it on the shelf because it gives me migraines lol, but we shall see. Sometimes you got to put things to the side and come back to them later. It happens.

Other than that, I'm going to try and create some normalcy in the havoc, and I hope you all are able to do the same. If you need something to help distract you from the insanity all my books are a part of the Smashwords Authors Give Back sale, and they are free. Also you can email me if you don't have Smashwords and I'll send you a free copy of one of my books. Just one and one per person.

That's all I have, but before I go, be fantastic humans and review the books your read. It means a lot to authors, especially us indies, on so many levels.

Again, stay safe, wash your hands, and if possible, socially distance yourself so this thing can fade into the abyss or wherever viruses go.

Until next time....

-DJ Small

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

I Swear I Haven't Disappeared

If you follow me on Twitter, my feed has been pretty much dead the last week or so. There was one day I was going to attempt being productive, but it wasn't in the cards. A lot of life stuff has gotten in the way, and after editing Fate Unseen, I wanted to become a sloth, which is what I've done for the last week or so, but I think I am back.

I think. I'm going to try and get a late February newsletter out on Saturday. It's going to include a cover reveal for Fate Unseen and I'm thinking about throwing in an excerpt of The Adventures of Swift. Should I do that, it'll probably be a buffed up version of the first episode. If you're interested, sign-up for the newsletter here.

Honestly outside of that, there isn't much else to ramble about. I'm going to start getting my life together for QFX in May. If you're going, don't forget to stop by and say hello. I'll have a listing of special deals when the date gets closer. Probably around mid-April I will have everything put together. I know for certain there will be a QFX eBook bundle exclusive, which may or may not include book 2 of The Last Pureblood Series. Again, still ironing out those details.

Oh, before I end this, last week to get Reappearance of Summer, Murderous Profession, and Pool of Lies on sale for 99¢ on Amazon and Smashwords, so go get those before they go back to regular price.

Other than that, the quickest way to an authors heart is through a review 😁

-DJ Small

Thursday, January 23, 2020

*leans against wall, huffing and puffing* Goodness....January Is Almost Over

I would say happy New Year, but at this point, it would be supremely awkward.

I honestly have no idea where this month has gone, but here we are. Just a quick blog post to let everyone know I'm alive.

Fate Unseen is getting put out of its misery this weekend, if not the beginning of next week. I have taken some time off from work to dedicate my life to it, so that is exciting. Once I get it to my editor, I'll be doing a cover reveal. Newsletter subscribers will see it first, and a few days later, I'll make a blog post about it. I hope I don't forget to do that, but I'm sure someone will keep me on track. Teaser chapters will be posted on my Patreon once I review my editor's edits. If I'm happy with the chapter, it'll go up as soon as I'm done with my review. Remember, I only put out 3 teaser chapters.

For book release time frame, I am looking at April or May. Way later than I wanted it to be, but that's fine considering how much I was struggling to ge Fate Unseen edited. I'm surprised I'll get out in the first half of the year.

Once these edits are done, this thing is going to get going like a steam roller, which means I'm going to be gassing up the heavy machinery. I'm plotting a story currently, and I'm going to get the first five episodes of Adventure of Swift written and edited. That will probably be making an appearance around late summer. Since I don't have any big trips planned, I should be able to stick to that. This is a year of frugal living for me since I splurged all last year. Oooh chile!

In exciting news, I'll be doing my first "event." I won't be doing a panel or anything, but I will be at QFX East in May, peddling my hard written books. As we get closer, I'll be able to let everyone know what the exclusives will be and how you can get them. I'm excited and nervous about this, but I think it will be a good time, and I'm excited to meet everyone.

Oh, price drop announcement! All my books are available for $2.99 at all eBook retailers, or it should be. If there are any issues let me know. I'm working on getting Murderous Profession in paperback format. It'll probably come out the same time as Fate Unseen.

Going completely off-topic, I'm sure everyone as heard about a major writers' organization taking a hard nose dive and imploding on itself, and while absorbing the facts and tea spilling of this clusterfuck, it made me wonder why there isn't a dedicated queer writers organization. I know these things take time to get off the ground, but like queer writers have to exist as a subset of  these bigger organizations and fight twice as hard to get some kind of recognition. I know this is the same story with other marginalized groups, and that these bigger organizations have resources and whatnot, but at the same time, why the hell don't we give it the old college try?

I'm sure someone out there is grinding the gears for that, or I at least hope they are. I think my only criteria would be that the organization not be restricted to one genre, because I'm not exclusive to one genre, and secondly that it broadly covers the entire queer spectrum.

I have a lot of thoughts on that, and I'm not sure if I'm going to bite the bullet on that one. I would need a helping hand or two because I want to write, and y'know, do hood rat things with my friends.

This post has gotten away from me, but I actually had thoughts and news this time! Seriously though let's all get excited that Fate Unseen is getting closer to being out in the world, and I'm anxious to know how everyone feels about it. Things get a bit more supernaturally, and Avery faces a whole slew of obstacles.

Also get pumped for Adventures of Swift. This was almost a Swan Queen fanfic instead of being an original story, so there is a bit of a zeal in it because Swan Queen is one of my 5ever ships.

All right, I'm off to edit. Remember to review your books, especially for those written by indie authors like myself. Oh, and enjoy the rest of your January 😊