Sunday, February 17, 2019

A Little More About My Upcoming Book

Last week, or the week before last, I posted an update saying I would be publishing my standalone book before the second Last Pureblood book. The story isn't one I have talked about with really anyone. I think I've spoken with one person about it, and that is about it.

Then I posted an excerpt of it on Twitter to give my followers a taste of it. In the excerpt one of my main characters is talking about my other one, and though it wasn't the best sample of the story, I'm sure it piqued everyone's curiosity. Especially since one of my main characters is a sex worker, so I'm going to go into it a little bit more here.

The story is set in present day New York City, but in a universe where sex work has been legal for the last two years. Readers are first introduced to Detective Eliza Miller and her partner Billy Chilowski, and we dive head first into the murder of a sex worker. As Eliza and Billy work the case they discover a link between the victim and an individual by the name of Dax Collins, who is my second main character.

As the case progresses, Eliza and Dax cross paths more than she would like because she finds him irritating. Dax is a well-dressed, overconfident, flirtatious pretty boy, and he hits on Eliza whenever they are in each others presence. Over the course of the story things happen, and you know because I'm making this a rom-com crime book, there will be--what I hope--hilarity, and a happy for now ending.

This is a big story for me, for several reasons. As I posted a few weeks ago this will be my first published book where one of my main characters is a transgender individual. I'll break with my usual tight-lipped stance and let you know who it is. Dax is a black transman, and I'm super excited about him because he is such an amazing character no matter how much of a little shit he can be.

In my writing "career" I have written one other story where one of my main characters was trans and that was a piece of fanfiction I wrote in 2017. Writing that story was an incredible experience for me because when it was finished, it turned out to be something I needed do. Despite it being a piece of fiction set in a land with magic and sword fighting, being able to write about my character's experiences as they faced numerous challenges, dangers, and hardships due to them being trans turned out to be a cathartic experience for me. Now, I'm hoping for more humor with Dax, but I do address his trans background and his history surrounding it.

The inspiration for this story actually hit me while I was listening to JD Robb's Naked In Death while I was at work. It's book series my sister introduced me to when we were younger. There is a character in it by the name of Charles who is a sex worker, and he flirts with Eve, the main character , who just ignores him and ends up falling for the tall, dark, and handsome gazillionaire. But I've flipped the script and made Dax the Roarke in my story as well as making him a sex worker. There is a lot to tackle, but I'm up for the challenge. The story so far has been fun to write, and I'm sure I'll be super geeked about it by the time I finish it.

A little mention before I go, and I'll bring it up again once I have the logistics in place, but you will be able to buy digital copies of my books off my website soon. I'll also sell signed copies through it as well. I'm trying to get everything in one spot (outside of Amazon), and slowly but surely I'm getting there.

All right until next time....

-DJ Small

Saturday, February 2, 2019


First and foremost happy February and happy black history month. May we all learn something this new.

So, the reason for this post is because I'm changing things up. I originally wanted to release book two of the Pureblood Series the first half of the year, and my standalone book the second part of it. I've accepted that releasing three books in 2019 isn't going to happen, but I knew it was a lofty dream.

Thechange in my releases is due to the second Avery Lawson book being more involved the further I get into it. When I started writing it I was using the"pantser" method, and it's gotten complicated. For those who don't know what the pantser method is, it is when you are flying by the seat of your pants while writing with little to no outline. In my case I know what points I want to include but the in-between bits are a little dicey, and it leads to me staring at a blank screen. I've got a decent amount of the story written, but I want to take some time to plot out the rest of it along with making sure it jibes with book one. There are a lot of elements being introduced and I want to make sure it all makes sense.

In short, book two of the Pureblood Series will be released in the second part of 2019.

Now you all are probably wondering what the hell is coming out in the first half of the year. I am currently outlining a book that is rom-com at it's core, but there is a some mystery involved. This will be the first book where one of my main character's is trans, so I'm excited about it because I've been wanting to put out a book where the main character is trans* for awhile now. Fingers crossed that it will be out before in or around June.

So the changes aren't anything drastic, but definitely a deviation from what I wanted to do. Though I'm not to keen about it needs to be done because I want to make sure you all get a good story. Okay, I'm off to do something writer like. Everyone have a good one, and until next time...

DJ Small