Friday, December 20, 2019

December, what the fu...?

I know. December is almost over, and I have been incognitus. For you Last Pureblood fans, you can blame your second book. That's right, it's your second book because I am completely through with it. Through.

No major updates today, just thought I'd make a blog post for the month. I'm still elbow deep in typing up my edits for Fate Unseen. Next week will be beyond wonderful because I will have so much time to finish doing that. I might even make some hot cocoa to celebrate. As soon as the edits are typed up, it'll go to my editor. Also at that same time, I'll be doing a cover reveal, and I might have a ball park time frame for a release date. Keyword there is ball park. I know I said by the end of first quarter it would be out, but I'm sort of leaning for an April release just because that's when the first Avery Lawson book came out. So, it would be like, "Oh, here's the second book. Two. Years. Later." Y'know?

I've been going back and forth on my 2020 plans. I want to do book fairs or conventions or whatever, but I haven't found any that I can vibe with, so I think it's going to be a low key year for me. Something that resembles the year after Pool of Lies came out because I had nothing lined up after it. Though to give myself some credit, I think I was working on Avery Lawson: The Last Pureblood at the time.
I think that'll be my 2020. I won't be working on anything major, but I'll still be doing things. Like Adventures of Swift needs to be posted on my Patreon. Gotta flesh out some story ideas and turn them into viable stories, so I'll be pretty busy, I don't have any book releases lined up for 2020. If I put anything out, I'll be shocked and amazed.

Also want to get on top of my reading. I've been listening to books at work. Sidenote: Just finished reading Tegan and Sara's memoir, High School, and I highly recommend it especially as an auidobook because the two of them interview each other at the end and it's pretty funny. The book itself is pretty relatable in regards to everything people go through in high school, but having it come from queer perspective makes it even more relatable.

End sidenote. Like I said I've been listening to audiobooks. I started book 1 of Ali Vali's Cain Casey series. I read book 1-4 a long time ago, and I have 5 and 6, but I've never read them. So it'll be nice to get into that, and some new stuff. Try and tackle some classics while I'm doing that.

All right, so this post got away from me. Hopefully you were able to cash in on free book giveaway I did for my newsletter subscribers and on Twitter. Yes, I know I'm going to beat everyone over the head about Murderous Profession, but that book deserves some recognition. I really enjoy it.

Oh, and I do remember someone asking me about a re-visiting Reappearance of Summer in prequel form. I'm not against the idea, in fact, I am all for it because I would like to know who Summer was before she became who she is in ROS, but I'm having a hard time coming up with something. Maybe something will come of it someday, but as of right now, looks like it is just a standalone.

All right, I've rambled enough. Don't forget all my book prices have been lowered for the month of December on Smashwords and Amzon, so be sure to stock up before they go back to their normal prices in January.

And this holiday season give and indie or self-pubbed author the gift of a review 😊