Sunday, March 24, 2019

Aw, Snap! A Second Post For March

I must be doing things if there is a second blog post this month. Hello all, I hope we've had a great month so far. I'm enjoying this little break before I start editing Murderous Profession. Trying to do take care of some updates on the website and preparing it to take orders, so I took down the store while that is going on. It'll be back on April 1st, and it is live once again you'll be able to purchase signed copies of Reappearance of Summer and start reserving your signed copy of Murderous Profession.  By then the cover finalized. If you want to try you hand at winning a free, signed copy of Murderous Profession you can vote on which of the covers you like here and if your cover wins you'll be entered in a drawing with everyone else who voted for the same cover. Voting ends on the 31st and is open to those in the US.

In regards to book reservations, if you follow me on Twitter I said I was playing around with a new idea to have my books printed by a new company because I wanted better quality books. However, since this isn't like print on demand where you the reader can buy a book and Amazon prints it and ships it out to you, I have to buy stock.

I will only start with a low volume of books, and once that is gone that'll be it. Will physical copies be available on Amazon? No for US readers, but yes for international ones. This is because of shipping, and I'm still trying to find a way to ship internationally without going broke. I know I stated that once I'm out of books that will be it, but there is a caveat. There will be a book request form on the website and every few weeks I'll fulfill the requests received.

Why am I telling you this when I'm bringing up book reservations? Because if you are a US based reader, and would like a physical copy of Murderous Profession, you will need to fill out the reservation form to make sure you get one.

This new change will only be for new books. My current titles on Amazon will remain where they are. At some point I will update those books to the new printing company, but we'll see how that goes.

Another change I will be rolling out on the website is the ability to purchase digital copies of my books. They'll still be available on Amazon and Smashwords, but I want my website to essentially have everything someone visiting the site would be looking for.

Lastly, I'm setting up a page for my serials to be on, so I'm going to be quiet busy the next few days, but it's all for a good reason.

Okay, to recap changes are coming to the website. You should go vote on a cover for a chance to win a free copy of Murderous Profession, and lastly thank you for reading and the support. If you've read any of my books don't forget to review them. Or at least tell me what you thought on Twitter lol. Next time I should have some details on book 2 of the Last Pureblood seris.

Until next time...

-DJ Small


  1. Wow! You have some exciting times coming up.

    1. I'm most certainly to, but it's all for a good reason. Once I'm in editing mood, I'll pretty much be useless lol


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