Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year, New Site

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a good time ringing in 2019.

Nothing exciting with this post. Just wanted to announce the new site is up and running. I have plans for it which is why I moved to a different provider. I'm downsizing the number of places my books can be bought, and when it is all said and done you will only be able to get them on Amazon and my website. Jury is still out on Smashwords. I'm also going to start selling exclusive content through the site, so the change was a needed one.

One thing on the site I want to talk further about is I put up a form for anyone to fill to become a beta reader for me. I don't have anything yet, but it'll be nice to have people waiting to give me feedback before I put out a story. It'll be pretty cut and dry. You fill out the form, I reach out and let you know I got it. Then once I do have something I need feedback on I'll reach out and see if you can read it. There will be time frames, but they will be loose ones. Everything is covered on the page the form is on, but any questions you can email me.

I caught a wild hair, or I got one, I'm not sure about the logistics of the wild hair, but I acquired one and it has provoked a need to put out three books this year. I came up with a fun idea and really want to explore it. However, time is iffy for me. We'll see what happens because I'm hoping to finish the first draft of the second Avery Lawson book by the end of January (fingers crossed). Once that's done I'm going to start work on my next standalone which is outlined, so we'll see what happens.
Okay, that is it for me today. I'm not sure what 2019 will bring, but I'm ready for it and I hope you are too.

Until next time...

-DJ Small

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