Sunday, November 11, 2018

Ahhhh....November Is Upon Us

It has been awhile since I have done a blog post. Yikes! Between Reappearance of Summer and work I'm surprised I remember my name. I hope all those participating in NaNoWriMo are having productive and fun writing sessions, and I can't wait for the new books to come out. As for me, my writing life is dedicated to the next book in the Last Pureblood series, but before I get into that let's talk about my partially released book, Reappearance of Summer.

This book has taught me two things. One, I'm not doing pre-orders again. It just doesn't work out for a writer with a full-time job. You need to have more than four hours a day to be able to meet the deadlines. Second thing I learned is that I need to keep records of my ISBNs stored in several different locations. The one company in the US that sells ISBNs had a security breach and I couldn't access my ISBNs on the management site. I have them now and things with the physical copies of the book are moving along.

I just finished reading the proof to see what errors were in it, and that book is going to be my first magnum opus, at least to me. I feel it hits everything on the emotional scale without being too much or bogging down the story, and both main characters are likeable. Summer swears a lot, but I mean she's also been through a lot. Again, this is just my opinion. If you want to see if I'm wrong or right the book comes out on Smashwords and Amazon on 11/15, but if you truly can't wait, you can get on my Gumroad store where I released it on 10/29, the day it was supposed to come out, however, a pre-order snafu happened, and that ended with me having egg on my face.

Right, so with Reappearence of Summer under my belt I'm trying to get the momentum going on book two of the Last Pureblood series. I read a few of the reviews and everyone likes the story, but everyone hated the cliffhanger and I seem to repeat a lot of things. There is no cliffhanger in the second book—we got to get this thing going, and I'm being mindful of the repetition. I try to catch everything, but after four or five rounds of editing (1 of those done by my editor) it's hard to see the unnecessary filler. I'll recruit another editor if I need to.

What's exactly going to happen in book 2? Well we're two days out from Avery's first change and she's done killed a whole lot of people. Girl went from harmless park ranger to having a body count. So we got to address everything from the last book. We need to know what's going on with her and Rhea and if they make it official or if it's a dead fish in water. Also Avery isn't normal and we need to know why. There are a lot of things for me take hold of and run with them, and I'm going to, but I'm also going to be introducing elements to set us up for other parts of the series. We're still building this world, but I'm also going to give us some more action, feels, and murder. Maybe on the murder.

I have decided to switch up my book release strategy. Pre-orders are done, so I'm going to announce book releases the week before they come out, but only for Amazon and Smashwords. I don't know about physical copies. I've been thinking about not doing them, but I also know it's nice to have the actual book in your hand. I'm on the fence. Either way it goes I'm committed to releasing two books a year which is doable with my full time job.

This brings me to my standalone for 2019. I had everything planned out, but then I was hit with the mother of ideas and it will not go away. I was supposed to work on my first trans story, but this mother of ideas has me changing my schedule. But this idea has a title, plot points, a soundtrack, and a mother fricking ending. How can I ignore that? It's not to say my other story didn't have all of that, but this one is more captivating because it's going to be completely different for me.

Okay, so we have caught up on everything you missed in October. Oh, about the newsletter, I will be cancelling it. I don't have much to put in it, so yeah. If anything you can follow me on Goodreads and be notified of new blog posts since the blog is linked to it.

All right, this turned out to be a lot longer than I anticipated, but I'm glad it did. Again, Reappearance of Summer comes out on 11/15 on Amazon and Smashwords. So don't forget it to get and after you read it tell me what you think about it. Actually, if you've read any of my books you should review them or at least rate them on Goodreads. Look, I even provided a link 😏

I hope we've enjoyed the update and until next time...happy reading!

-DJ Small

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  1. So excited for the Last Pureblood. Can't wait until it comes out.


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