Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Monday, Monday....

I hope everyone is excited because on Monday, Reappearance of Summer will be available digitally. I hope all those who have pre-ordered will tell me what they think once they finish it. For my folks who pre-ordered a physical copy of the book I have pushed that back due to my poor perception of time. I will send an e-mail about the particulars.

With another book under my belt, more or less, I'm looking to my next once which we all know will be the 2nd book in the Pureblood series. I am diligently working on it as we speak. I think it should be out late March or early April. I'll let everyone know once I'm ready. I'm going to change things a bit in regards to the release, but I'll say more once I have a better understanding of my plan. It may include using an actual calendar.

I've got some things coming in January, but again, I'll talk about them when it get closer. Right now, I'm going to decompress, jump into the Last Pureblood sphere and hopefully come up with a good book for you all.

Happy reading!

-DJ Small

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