Sunday, July 15, 2018

Surprise Time!

I've taken a time out to edit the first chapter of Reappearance of Summer so you all can get a taste of what's coming in the fall. At some point the first three chapters will be up on my Wattpad account. All right without further ado, I give you chapter one of Reappearance of Summer.

Chapter One

The sound of the doorbell chimed through Summer’s three room hotel suite, making her groan. She began to make a half-hearted attempt to leave the clutches of the Italian model she had met the previous night. After giving her a firm kiss, Summer pulled back and grinned before rolling to the edge of the bed. As she sat up, and reached for her prosthetic leg, Renata began to swear at her in Italian

Summer put on her prosthetic then stood next to the bed, grinning down at the attractive blonde who had kept her busy from the time they had left last night’s gala to the early hours of the morning. “You are irresistible when you swear at me in Italian,” Summer commented as she bent down to kiss Renata. The desire to have more fun almost made her forget why she had gotten out of bed to begin with. The suite doorbell rang out again and Summer stopped before her lips met Renata’s. She smiled. “I have to go answer that. It might be room service.”

A low whine emitted from Renata’s throat as she dropped face first onto the bed. Chuckling softly, Summer moved to the end of the bed and retrieved the fluffy dark blue robe hanging off the foot of it. Renata situated herself to where her head rested on her hand so she could look at Summer. “Do you remember either of us requesting room service last night?” She asked and her accent did wonderful things to Summer’s libido.

Summer laughed softly. “I do not. The both of us were beyond drunk and I could only think about you naked, in my bed, and your long, beautiful legs wrapped around me.”

“Ignore whoever it is and you can feel them wrapped around you once again,” Renata suggested, and her lips formed a seductive smirk. It, along with the alluring timber of her voice, made Summer weak and she nearly went along with the suggestion, but by some miracle hadn't.

“I shall return and I will be quick.” Summer grinned. “Keep the bed warm and think of ways to make me forget my name.”

“Oh, mio caro,” Renata purred. “I have come up with several ideas which will make you forget your very spirit.”

Summer drew in a sharp breath through her nose as arousal began to make its way through her body. Renata wanted to kill her, and Summer would gladly let her if meant indulging in more of this beautiful woman. She held up two fingers. “Two minutes. I’ll be back in two minutes.” She left out of the room and the sound of Renata’s delightful laugh urged her on. Getting rid of the unexpected interruption became an immediate priority. As Summer headed to the door she grimaced when she noticed how loose her prosthetic was. It wouldn’t bother her too much since she would have it on for less than five minutes, but was uncomfortable and a bit irritating.

Summer walked over to the door and opened it. Unable to keep the shock from her face her eyes widened. In front of her stood a major from the United States Air Force and four United States Secret Service agents. Summer’s brain sluggishly processed their presence at her hotel suite, and before she could say anything the major started to speak. “Colonel Summer Hawkins, I am Major Howard Collingsworth. Your country needs you, Colonel.”

Still stunned by the major and Secret Service agents showing up at her suite, Summer stared at the man. A few more seconds passed before she was able to respond. “No,” Summer stated in a hard tone. “Go back to wherever you came from, and tell whoever ordered you to come get me that they can go fuck themselves. I’ve done my time.”

Summer closed the door, slamming it in the major’s face. She didn’t know what the hell was going on, but being a part of it wasn’t her problem. Not anymore. Summer had barely made it two steps away from the door when it opened again. The four Secret Service agents walked in, and two of them moved to where they flanked Summer. They tried to take hold of her arms, but Summer wasn’t going to go easily. She elbowed one in the gut and punched the other one in the face. “Summer, what the hell is this?” Renata shouted as she came into the living room.

“Ma’am,” the major began as one of uninjured agents came for Summer, “do not interfere. This is United States business.”

Summer punched the agent who had charged for her in the face and the woman stumbled back. The agent she had elbowed in the gut tried to apprehend her again. A swift upper cut caused the man’s head to jerk back, but Summer had hurt her knuckles in the process. She continued to fight off the two other agents that were trying to take hold of her. The possibility of prosthetic falling off grew with each passing second, and Summer hoped it would last long enough for her to incapacitate the agents. There was no way in hell Summer would let them take her to wherever.

“By the order of the President of The United States of America,” Major Collingsworth announced, “we are to employ any tactic necessary in order to get you back to the US.”

Summer maneuvered so she could flip an agent over her shoulder and throw him on the floor. Breathing heavily from the unexpected exertion, she glared at the major. Right as she was about to tell him off, the agent who hadn’t engaged in trying to apprehend her pointed a gun in her direction. It didn’t take long for her to realize it wasn’t an actual gun, but a tranquilizer pistol. The moment between Summer seeing the pistol and realizing what it was lasted too long, and the next thing she knew a tranquilizer dart pierced her shoulder. Summer screamed in pain and pulled out the dart. The world began to spin and she felt unsteady on her feet. The last thought to go through her mind before losing consciousness was: That fucking bitch.


  1. Great first chapter, looking forward to the book.

  2. What a great start. I am already hooked, Looking forward to the book.


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